Tara Rokpa Nordic

Method, Process, and Training

What is Tara Rokpa

The purpose of Tara Rokpa Therapy (TRT), is to relieve psychological suffering.  The process supports you to take responsibility for your own mental and physical well-being by learning to overcome or work more effectively with the difficulties you face in your day-to-day life. We focus on teaching you to use tools and exercises to explore your own mind and gain insight, at a deep level, into your habitual behaviours and thought patterns. When you become aware of your patterns, you can make the choice to let go of them. The key point about this method is that no-one tries to analyse you. It’s a personal exploration, where you learn about yourself through reflection using a variety of methods, including art work, writing, relaxation, clothed massage, and gentle exercise.

Compassion is the underlying principle of the method – learning to be more compassionate to yourself and others. What is Compassion in this context? It is investigating the particular causes of your own suffering by engaging with recent and long-term memories.  It is a long and detailed exploration in which only you can discover which ways to turn to understand yourself better. When you identify a habit which is always associated with pain and confusion, you can try a variety of remedies to help set yourself (and others) free of such patterns from the past.

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